Privacy Policy


Under this Agreement Looplead agrees to offer the Lessee, the product(s) or services under the terms and conditions mentioned below:

1. Definition:

Meaning of some of the words used in the agreement:

  1. We/Us: Looplead
  2. You: The one whom we provide our product or service to.
  3. Party: You and Us.
  4. Facility: The online services that we deliver to our customers.
  5. Content: The data or information uploaded by both the parties.
  6. Term: The time from the start of the agreement to the termination.
  7. Terms: The terms and condition included here in the agreement.

2. Our Obligations:

  1. We provide you the details for logging in into the software so that you can connect to the software.
  2. The facility we provide you will be free from major interruptions and errors.
  3. We hereby declare that the license we grant to you is non-refundable, non-transferrable and non-exclusive.
  4. We don’t guarantee you that our software is total error free but we guarantee you that we will fix the error that you encounter at your earliest convenience.
  5. We have the full right to suspend your access at the time of upgradation or maintenance of the software.
  6. We confirm you that:
    • All the facilities that we offer you are hosted in Argentina.
    • Your passwords and data are secured with us. We don’t reveal your passwords or data to any third parties.

3. Your Obligations:

By accepting the terms and services, you agree that:

  1. You will follow the sensible guidelines allotted by Looplead for the use of the software.
  2. You will conform the protocols issued by Looplead in respect of the software.
  3. While using the software, you will follow the law, rules and regulations.
  4. You insure the total payment of the loss incurred in our software due to your act or due your breach to the obligations.
  5. Looplead won’t be answerable for the loss or incurred due to your failure to comply with the obligations.

You also accept that you are solely responsible for:

  1. Making sure that the content uploaded by you or your representative are correct.
  2. Ensuring that the content you have uploaded is accurate.
  3. Ensuring that all the content uploaded is up-to-date.
  4. Confirming that you haven’t given access of your account to anyone.
  5. Maintaining the integrity, security and backups of your database.

You also accept that you, your partners or employees won’t:

  1. Use the software to conduct unlawful activities.
  2. Make attempts to get unauthorized access to the system.
  3. Deliver spam messages or unsolicited emails through the software.
  4. Rent, re-license, sublicense or lease the licensed software to others.
  5. Try to modify the licensed software.
  6. Use our software to breach the right of others.
  7. Upload malicious code or viruses or do anything that could overburden, disable, or impair the appearance or working of our products.
  8. Reproduce the copies of the software without the written permission of Looplead.

4. Warranties Obligations

We don’t warranty you:

  1. The compensation or facility on the failure of the product caused by you.
  2. The validity of the content uploaded by your employees or representative.

None of the parties is liable for each other’s:

  1. Loss in the business
  2. Loss of profit
  3. Business interruption
  4. Wasted management

5. Termination

You are allowed to terminate the agreement but you should notify the company before a month of termination.

6. Confidentiality:

You agree that we may have to disclose your data to the authorities like government officials or police department and we will notify you about the disclosure at the earliest possible.

7. Data Protection

We warrant you that your data is extremely protected with us. We guarantee you that our apposite and structural measures will safeguard your data from the accidental destructions, unlawful destruction, and alteration. We respect your data privacy and maintain extreme concealment.

You agree to pay the amount of money mentioned in the agreement for the license we provide to you to use our software on time. Else we may seek the legal help.

We heartily welcome your feedbacks regarding our software and services!